AP Exams
All AP Exams will be taken during the first two weeks in May.  Students should have received an email with specifics and exam locations. For additional information,  refer to Edmodo folders. Most exams will be administered at NorthStar Church. Exam locations are available on the TotalRegistration website and via prior e-mail. 

​​​​Magnet Cookout - May 12, 2017

The "Magnet Cookout" will be held in the KMHS Courtyard on Friday, May 12th right after school. This is an event for ALL Magnet students and their families. Mayor Easterling will be our chef for the cookout!   There will be food, fun and games! More detailed information will be coming soon. See you there! 

​New Magnet Foundation Board Members Approved for 2017-2018
President: Nimesh Patel
Co-VP:  Shelia Plunkett
Co-VP:  Amy Mollohan
Treasurer: Tracey Eum
Secretary: Kimberly Watson
Website:  Albert Thomas

Committee Chairs
Corporate Sponsor:
Vince Dentice and Amy Mollohan

Everton Brown and Heather Galloway

Magnet Treats:
Dorothy Woodham

Teacher Appreciation:
Kathy Ebner

THANK-YOU all!  We are all looking forward to another GREAT YEAR! Thank-you to the outgoing board members who have done a great job this year!  You are MUCH appreciated. 

All are Invited to Attend Magnet Board Meetings
Our next KMHS Magnet Academy Foundation Board of Directors Meeting is on Monday, May 22nd at 8 AM. The meeting will be held in the Media center conference room. All KMHS Magnet Academy members are welcome to attend to hear what is going on and to contribute ideas. We are always looking for new volunteers.

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